Georgio Peviani

Men’s T Shirts Leaf Weed Cannabis Top Urban Hip Hop Tee Men Marijuana Ganja Shirt

Men’s Leaf Weed Cannabis Top

Men Urban Hip Hop Shirt

Marijuana Ganja T Shirts

Ideal For Fancy Dress Party

Men’s Baroque T Shirts, Urban Hip Hop Rhinestone Tee-shirts Bling

High Specification Embroidery Work.

Urban Hip Hop Designer

Exceptional Design And Fit.

Size Guide Small- 38 Inches Chest:

Small: 36-38 Inches Chest.

Medium: 38-40 Inches Chest.

Large: 40-42 Inches Chest.

XL: 42-44 Inches Chest.

XXL: 44 -46inches Chest.

Wide Range Of Colours Available

Material: 90% Polyester 10% Lycra

Color May Slightly Vary From Advertised Image Due To Screen Resolution

Any Questions Please Don’t Hesitate To Ask

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